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Third-party liability Russian car insurances

Since 2003, every transport vehicle driving in the Russian Federation must have an insurance policy covering third-party liability, which is named OSAGO and it covers calims for vehicle damage, personal injuries or legal costs against the driver of it. Russia joined the "International Car Insurance System" in the beginning of 2009, which means that most of the European "Green-card" insurances are also valid in the Russia Federation.

Since June 1, 2023, Russia's participation in the green card system no longer applies. As a result, foreign drivers have no longer coverage (automatically) anymore. Foreigner who want to enter the Russian Federation have to take care of a Russian car insurance yourself.

Order your Russian third-party car insurance (OSAGO) easily online via Greencard Online.

A third-party car insurance is named OSAGO in Russia. Click the button "Request a Quote" below for an online request form or send us an email and we will send you a form in MS Word that you can complete and return with details from the owner and the car itself. Thereafter we inform you about the costs of the insurance, as it depends on the power, mileage and age of the car. After your approval, we take out the insurance and send you the policy by email.

Fully Comprehensive insurances, which also protects you against any damage caused to your own car in an accident, or in instances of fire or theft are unfortunately too expensive in Russia.

Frequently asked questions aboutRussian car insurance OSAGO

What is OSAGO?

OSAGO is a Russian Third Party Liability insurance for transport vehicles. In case the driver caused an accident, OSAGO will cover the damage to the car of the victims.

Who can order OSAGO?

Everybody who is elder than 18 years and has a driving licence valid for the tranport vehicle to insure. After agreement you will receive an official OSAGO policy quickly and conveniently by e-mail or in any messenger of your choice. The valid in the whole Russian Federation.

What kind of Transport vehicles?

We insure all kind of transport vehicles: cars (with or without trailer/caravan), motorcycles, (mini-) busses (but no Coaches), trucks, campers and camper trucks.

Private or Company vehicles?

We can insure your transport vehicle registered privately or on name of a company as well.

How much does OSAGO costs?

The price of an OSAGO insurance depends on many factors: power of vehicle, age of vehicle, mileage and duration of the insurance. Just request a quote. We inform you shorty with the price and you decide to accept or deny it.

Is OSAGO limited by drivers?

OSAGO is not limited by drivers anymore. The policy will be registered on the name of the owner of the vehicle. If the driver is not the owner then (s)he needs a warranty of the owner. Official authorities may demand it.

Which regions fall under OSAGO?

OSAGO third party insurance is valid throughout the Russian Federation. Within the validity period, entry and exit from Russia is unlimited. Drivers of the vehicle may also be changed.

What is the delivery time?

We can deliver an OSAGO within a day to two months before the start of your trip. Our advice is to order in time, as we are not always in the office due to our activities as a travel organization. So don't wait until the last minute.

Can I prolong OSAGO?

Not really, but you can contact us and we send you a new policy valid for a new period. We can do that within 30 minutes.

How to check the authenticity of OSAGO?

You can check the authenticity of a policy by scanning the QR-code by a smartphone and follow the link. More information you can find here:

What an OSAGO costs?Request a Quote for free

We need a lot of information from you to prepare a quote. Keep your passport and Vehicle Registration Certificate Part 1 at hand.

We also ask you to enclose a scan or good photo of these two documents with this request. Please make sure you have those prepared.


Tell us about the vehicle owner.

You can find all information on your Vehicle Registration Certificate part 1 (VRC p1). For your convenience, we have included the corresponding field numbers of the Vehicle Registration Certificate in brackets in this application form.

Tell us about the Insurance period:

Tell us about your vehicle.

You can find all information on your Vehicle Registration Certificate Part 1 (VRC Part 1)

You are almost ready!

Attach a copy (a scan or good photo) of the requested documents and if you have any questions, write them here:

Thank you very much!

We will confirm your request by email within a day. If you do not receive the confirmation, perhaps something went wrong. In that case please contact us on our backup email address or by WhatsApp +79113182710. We will contact you soon.

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